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AGRO series

Calefacción por radiación
At Ciroc we have specially designed the AGRO Series hot air generator, meeting the market needs of having a versatile and portable equipment especially to facilitate transportation in animal breeding, intensive cultivation, site drying and mining.
In the Agro Series we offer the best equipment built with tested technology and materials to be used where environmental conditions are adverse and with high humidity. This equipment is also suitable for air distribution through polyethylene sleeves or similar ones.


With our AGRO series you get multiple possibilities:
  • – In intensive cultivation and greenhouses it is very effective since it distributes the heat at the level of the plant, where it is needed, without heating all the air in the greenhouse.
  • – In poultry and animal breeding, it facilitates the growth and development of the business.
  • – In construction it shortens the times for drying the site.
  • – In social events it allows setting and heating multiple tents.
  • – In industrial buildings, performance improves at each job.


  • – Galvanized steel structural cabinet, polyester paint finish.
  • – High performance that translates into lower gas consumption.
  • – Long useful life of stainless steel exchanger.
  • – 5 years warranty on stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • – Automatic operation by room thermostat.
  • – Separate combustion gas outlet.
  • – High flow axial fan with low sound level.
  • – Automatic pressurized burner.
  • – Available fuels: Natural gas, LPG, Diesel.
  • – Four models available, between 40,000 and 142,500Kcal/h.