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CC series (central):

Calefacción por radiación
The CC Series is our leading equipment in central heating systems designed to distribute by ducts the hot air in large environments and buildings, satisfying the most arduous work and comfort demands as required throughout our Patagonia.


With our CC series you get multiple possibilities:
  • – In hospitals, clinics and health centers it facilitates comfort and well-being.
  • – In schools, it facilitates the best development of activity and education.
  • – In clubs and sports centers, it facilitates internal use and use of galleries.
  • – In gyms it increases the time zone range and gives greater benefits to the user.
  • – In large business areas and supermarkets, traffic and permanence of people increase.
  • – In industries, it facilitates drying processes, humidity control and prevents condensation.
  • – In office buildings, the work environment improves.


  • – Cabinet and structure in galvanized steel with internal panel and thermal insulation.
  • – Surface finish in polyester paint.
  • – 88% efficiency that translates into less gas consumption.
  • – Long life stainless steel exchanger.
  • – 5 years warranty on stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • – Automatic operation by room thermostat.
  • – Automatic operation by room thermostat.
  • – Separate combustion gas outlet.
  • – Centrifugal fan of great flow and silent operation.
  • – Automatic pressurized burner.
  • – Available fuels: Natural gas, LPG, Diesel.
  • – 8 models with capacities between 45,000 and 330,000 Kcal/h.