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CN series (for duct):

Calefacción por radiación
Our Ciroc CN series is specially designed to be inserted in air conditioning ducts or ventilation systems where it is needed to heat the air flow. Installed on the evaporator blower unit it is an excellent complement to the refrigeration system. For facilities or processes where a special air supply system is required.


With our CN series you get multiple possibilities:
  • – In air conditioning installations that require heating.
  • – Enables multiple drying processes optimizing time.
  • – In existing ventilation systems it adapts to heat and minimize investment.
  • – In obsolete installations it allows the replacement of duct heaters.


  • – Cabinet and structure in galvanized steel with internal panel and thermal insulation.
  • – Surface finish in polyester paint.
  • – 88% efficiency that translates into less gas consumption.
  • – Long useful life of stainless steel exchanger.
  • – 5 years warranty on stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • – Automatic operation by room thermostat.
  • – Multi-position mounting.
  • – Separate combustion gas outlet.
  • – Automatic pressurized burner.
  • – Available fuels: Natural gas, LPG, Diesel.
  • – 7 models with capacities between 45,000 and 300,000 Kcal/h.