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Tango-40 (direct combustion):

Calefacción por radiación
The Tango-40 hot air generator is the only CIROC model with direct gas combustion. It is designed to offer an economical and efficient alternative that solves heating problems in environments greater than 800 m3, for business and industrial use with permanent ventilation.
Fully automatic operation and robust design, it manages to combine low installation cost and high performance.


– Business premises.
– Gastronomic premises.
– Industrial buildings.
– Workshops in general.
– Poultry and animal breeding.


– Cabinet and structure in galvanized steel.
– Surface finish in polyester paint.
– Automatic operation by room thermostat.
– Low sound level.
– Room thermostat included.
– Simple assembly, in height or on legs.
– Gas Certification, granted by IGA.
– Electrical Safety Certification, granted by IGA.
– Single power level at 40,000 Kcal / h