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Poultry Radiant Tube

Calefacción por radiación
The Ciroc Poultry Radiant Tube is the best gas infrared heating equipment that provides direct heating of objects. The system provides breeders the opportunity to reduce operating costs, minimize maintenance tasks, and simplify typical installations on small brooder screens.


  • – The units are located in a fixed position and do not need to be adjusted in the installation height during and between breedings.
  • – A more uniform heating is achieved with less equipment of greater size and efficiency.
  • – Annual maintenance is significantly minimized.
  • – It has a clean and dust-free air intake, connected from the outside for combustion.
  • – Preheating requirements are reduced by 20-50%.
  • – Exit of combustion gases to the outside by chimney, providing a healthier atmosphere and fewer breathing problems for chickens.
  • – Using less equipment, the installation will be simpler and easier to handle.


  • – Establishes wider comfort zones without loss of comfort.
  • – They are concentrated between the water lines, encouraging them to feed.
  • – Comfort levels are achieved at the height of the floor where they rest.
  • – Drier bed and with higher temperature.
  • – Healthier environment, free of combustion gases, it eliminates condensation.
  • – Reduction of mortality rate.