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Axial Type / Centrifugal Type:

Calefacción por radiación
Axial Ventilation with A-1400
It is able to provide large air flows with very low noise levels and reduced power consumption.
Thanks to its robust self-supporting structure that incorporates a mechanical opening and closing louver system and protection grill, an integrated and compact unit is achieved, reducing costs and assembly time.


– Greenhouses.
– Intensive cultivation.
– Poultry breeding.
– Animal breeding in general.
– Industrial buildings.
– Evaporative cooling systems.


- Installed on a wall, it does not take up useful space.
– Constructed of galvanized steel.
– Resistance against climatic agents.
– Shutter system that prevents the passage of air when it stops.
– Low maintenance.
– Low installed power.
– Reduced sound level.