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AG series

Calefacción por radiación
Ciroc AG Series was developed to be installed in height and is the best alternative in the market in heating for large rooms, being ideal for factories and warehouses.
We develop the AG Series in a power range from 40,000 to 142,500Kcal / h. being very useful and flexible for the business and industrial fields as it delivers a large air flow to facilitate good heat distribution without the need for ducts.


With our AG series you get multiple possibilities:
  • – In large shopping centers, it increases traffic and stays of people in closed and semi-closed spaces.
  • – In bars and restaurants, it facilitates the occupation of tables in open spaces or on the sidewalk.
  • – In workshops and industrial buildings, it improves performance in each job.
  • – In warehouses, it prevents condensation of goods.
  • – In gyms it increases the time range of use and gives greater benefits to the user.


  • – As it is installed in height, on brackets, it does not take up useful space on the floor.
  • – 88% efficiency that translates into less gas consumption.
  • – Long useful life of stainless steel exchanger.
  • – 5 years warranty on stainless steel heat exchangers.
  • – Automatic operation by room thermostat.
  • – Separate combustion gas outlet.
  • – High flow axial fan and silent operation, the air intake comes from the environment to quickly achieve the desired temperature.
  • – Automatic pressurized burner.
  • – Available fuels: Natural gas, LPG, Diesel.